What is Kik Kong?

Kik Kong is the Commercial Powerhouse of Kike Molares, a self-taught artist, graphic designer, illustrator, and writer, with a background in business, music, and journalism.

But the real question is, who's Kik Kong?

Kike Molares

Comes from a humble family. Mum worked at the airport, dad was a teacher. 


Dad got him into tales, stories, acting, and arts.


Mum taught him to work hard with a big smile on the face.

He grew up loving and respecting those who choose a different path. The ones who followed passion, ideas, and convictions.

He played guitar, learned to surf, skate and climb.


His spare time was always around magazines, music, and books. 


Music saved his life.


After high school, he was sure of what to do. Until he confronted the path and realized how wrong he was. Then he moved to the Pyrenees and prepared himself to become a mountain guide. 


He always wanted to do his thing and set up his own business. Fed up of people telling him hippies didn't understand the economy he graduated (with not too bad grades) in Business Administration. 


The music industry seemed like the next step. He moved to Barcelona and worked for The Project Music Company, where he learned to produce gigs – small gigs, medium gigs, big gigs. 


Wanting to explore media, master another language, and out of respect for facts (and love for words), he moved to London and finished the Master in Journalism at Birkbeck College. 


Three months after graduation he was landing in Berlin for his first Marketing job in a Start-Up. There he learned about hardware development, product, customers, and how important it is to earn the core users – which they didn't. He realized too that being creative was his path, since his ideas were frequently welcomed.


His next step was becoming Art Director and polish his Design skills, and Gordian Overschmidt gave him the opportunity at ODE.systems – a platform to improve decision making. 


Just a little bit more than 12 weeks ago, he decided to enroll at GrowthTribe UX Cross-Functional Design Course. 


Now he's ready to put all his analytical capabilities, his creativity, and his background into the service of the user. 

What about you?